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How to: Decorate Small Hair Station

Everybody know that appearance is something which matters, especially within the beauty industry. If you own a hairdresser's salon, you should concentrate on the professional, clean appearance of your hair station. Think about it as a client – does it look like a nice, inviting place to sit? The comfort and utility should stay the most crucial factors; the customers may occupy your chairs for a really long time as you dye or style their hair.

1. Find Out If They're Any Restrictions

According to the statistics made by the Bureau of Labor, only 44 percent of all hairdressers, barbers and related workers are their own chiefs (that means they are self-employed). Not all of them have their own salons – many hairstylists lend out booths, hair stations or space from the owner of the salon. Before you start to decorate anything, you have to ask the owner about his or her opinion. In most cases the owners want a place to be unified and standardized, so buying a bizarre, extravagant equipment won't be seen as a good idea.

2. Evaluation of the Space

Many hair stations are built from a few drawers, small counter and a wall mirror. With such limited space for hairdressing equipment it may be hard to find a room for decor. You have to know when to stop: in other case you may make your place look cluttered. Pay attention on easy access to equipment. If you use some things pretty often, put them on the counter – then you'll see, how much space is left. The most popular option is to put brushes, clips, combs and other similar stuff in unbreakable, coloured containers.

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3. Plants and Works of Art

If you have a room, put one or two small plants somewhere in your station. If there isn't enough light for real flowers, use good-quality artificial ones, but remember to remove dust regularly. If you have free wall space, hang stylish framed artwork beside or behind your station. You have to be careful while doing that – avoid everything that could be offensive, including sexist sayings or cartoons. Wall mirrors shouldn't be decorated so the clients may be able to observe what you're doing.

4. Considerations

Don't add any decor which could unnerve your customers. Believe us, the fact that you like the tricking sound of a little tabletop fountain doesn't mean that everyone else would love it. Remember: the colors matter! They could affect both you and your clients. There's even a section in psychology which examines the meaning of colors. As they say, if a hairdresser's saloon is green, it may create an impression of restfulness and help you to concentrate. On the other hand, purple walls or details of equipment may stimulate your creativity and imagination as a stylist.