Equipment salon

Hairdresser's equipment part I

Professional salon

It's a place, where specialists will offer their services in cutting and styling.

Important things are an appropriate working conditions and well prepared premises for hairdressers. Only then, they will be able to do their job well. Salon's appliance is also a very important issue for customers. The first impression after crossing the salon's threshold is very important and you need to pay attention to this. To avoid customer's dissatisfaction, we must have a good equipment, so the first visit was not the last one.

Styling chairs

Styling chairs an important element of the salon's equipment

important armchair

Seats are undoubtedly the most important element of the salon. We can distinguish two basic types. These with a gas pump or these with a hydraulic pump. The first requires a descent from the seat to pick it up, the other can be raised with a person. Seats have also diversified bases. They may take the form of wheels, feet, five-pointed star or disk or a square base. The seat is one of the most eye-catching element of the equipment. In addition to the technical parameters and quality, it is worth paying attention to his appearance. Great looking chair definitely catch the customer's attention and make him feel comfortable in the salon.

It should be emphasized that the professional hairdressing accesories can not exist without a proper backwash units. You can divide them into compact ones and these intended to set up. Professional backwash units are fully equipped with a massage function or can be adjusted for bowls in different depth and a footrest for the customer. The furniture should be prepared to guarantee adequate comfort for all users. There are a number of elements that are important and have to be taken into account. When it comes to the bowl in the wash, they are in different colors, which is important if we care about an aesthetic interior's arranging.

It is worth to pay attention to these issues, to finally have an excellent furnishings.