Equipment salon

Hairdresser's equipment part II

When it comes to a very important piece of equipment we certainly have to mention about a console and so a furniture, which have a multiple character.

In this case, we have a solutions with several practical elements, which give us much more possibilities. That is why they have to be taken into account. Each salon should be equiped with a hand mirror. In addition to this, a comfortable trolley, a magazine rack or a helper will be extremely important for a hairdresser. This is a place, when variety of accessories and tools, will be always close at hand while cutting and styling. In other words, these are the elements which make hairdresser's job easier.

Additional investments in the salon

Besides these furniture, the salon should be equipped with additional implements, which, although not fundamental, will definitely improve its reputation. These will include solutions such as sauna, a moisturizers or a drying hoods and so-called infrazones. They will be usefull during, among others, hair coloring, lightening or waving. What is crucial, they are silent in use and some of them have the function of airflow. They are available in standing and hanging forms

.hairdresser studio equipment

Stand out

Any additional equipment, or electric equipment make the salon's offer more competitive. For example, demanding customers will definetely choose the place, where they can use the hair renewal, among other by the special ozone therapy. What is important, here presented additional appliances are available in different colors, so they can be easily fitted to every decoration. They also have functions and various mounting possibilities.

A special sterilizers are not only important but simply compulsory part of the equipment because of the sanitary-epidemiologial station's requirements. Thanks to them regularly used instruments will be cleanability.