Equipment salon

Hairdresser's salon equipment

A hairdresser's salon equipment is a leading person's showcase so you should devote more time to prepare it well. If we are not able to take care of a proper aesthetics and a nice atmosphere, it is better to ask  an interior decorator's to help us in this difficult task. Remember, the first impression is always the most important thing because each client will start rating our salon by a design and arrangement, and pay attention to the equipment and the quality of the cosmetics later. Opening the salon, we have an opportunity to use help of many companies specializing in whole or partial equipment dealerships, depending on our needs. As in any interior, also in the salon, a color of the walls and additives are very important.

All of this should create a harmonious whole to help customers feel comfortable and positive. High-quality furniture like a reception desk, hairdresser's chairs and a sofa on which customers sit waiting for their turn, have to be especially noted. This is the basis of the well-furnished salon, because they determine the comfort, functionality and an atmosphere of the interior.

Styling chairs 

hairdresser chairs

Customer's styling chairs convenience and practicality is highly appreciated by users, so choose carefully, remembering that the styling chair will also be one of the work tools and his utility decide about comfort. A good styling chair should have armrests and a footrest, and we should especially note a comfortable backrest, which can not be too high, thereby interfering hairdresser's job. It is worth thinking about a swivel chair, with a possibility of blocking accidental moves. In stores we find seats in many colors and shapes that can be easily fitted into any interior.

In addition to the seat, a console it is also an important element, which appearance depends on our idea and a furniture manufacturers's creative possibilities. Around the styling units you can safely set cosmetics or electric equipment we use working. The lights should be placed around the entire width of the cabinets and mirrors to illuminate the whole work area. An additional element is a so called, helper or a cubby on wheels, where all small appliances are stored.