Necessary hairdresser equipment

Essentials: What Kind of Equipment Is Necessary to Run Hair Salon?

Walking down the street, you can probably see many hairdresser's salons. Competition in this area is hard to beat; if you want to provide such service, you should be well prepared and ready to fight. To start with, it is necessary to find the premise in the right size, hire qualified, creative hair stylists and... purchase all the crucial salon equipment. What kind of tools and furniture is totally essential to run hairdresser studio?

1. Styling Chairs

Hairdresser's salon needs to be endowed in some special styling chairs. Regular furniture are completely useless in this business. Making the choice you should consider not only convenience of the hairdresser, but also – and above all – the client's comfort. Take a closer look at such elements as:
- armrests,
- comfortable backrest,
- footrest,
- the ability to rotate in a smooth way.
If your hairdresser studio isn't limited for only adults, you should prepare for the youngest visitors. You may need to invest additional money in the purchase of chairs adjusted to children. Such seats are not only wild-shaped, but also very colurful and cheerful. For example: the young client can feel in one of them like a pilot of the plane.

2. Styling Units

Another element which is crucial to run a hairdresser studio is styling unit. You should place it in the front of the wall mirror. Thanks to that your clients will be able to see what you're doing with their hair. If you only have possibility to do that, put the console in a way that the sulight could illuminate the mirror. The sun is not everything yet: the styling unit should be lit by both the natural and artificial light. 

styling hairs
3. Backwash Units

What else should you buy if you are complementing salon equipment? Backwash units of course! They may be made from fancy porcelain material or specially selected plastic. Their shape must ensure a greatest comfort while washing customer's heads. Such units should be complementary with seats. In the hairdresser studio you can not also miss some storage lockers on wheels. They will help you in storing accessories which are frequently used.

4. Hair Dryers and Eletric Devices

Hair dryers are crucil for drying (and styling) hair. Choose the ones with a strong power, so you could do these activities as fast as possible. While shaving and cutting hair you'll also need some trimmers and electric shavers. You can opt for traditionally powered models or decide on the modern ones, powered by batteries and therefore more practical. Whatever you choose, please ensure yourself that your hairdresser studio has all salon equipment which is needed.