Necessary hairdresser equipment

How Should You Equip Your Hairdressing Salon?

If you want to run professional business, you have to hire professionals in the first place. However, highly-skilled people are not all you need; another crucial element is appropriate salon equipment. Let's see, what are the most important tools and furniture which should be placed in every hairdresser studio.

1. Backwash Units

You can't run a hairdresser's salon without them. In every professional studio customer's hair won't be cut or style if they haven't been washed before. Backwash units are also essential if it comes to dying client's hair. In most cases owners purchase traditional washers with built-in seats (with armchairs included). On the other hand, there are many advanced models on the market these days, for example multifunctional washers with vibrating and massaging functions. Every demanding customer would appreciate such innovative salon equipment. Remember: backwash units may be made of special kind of plastic or from porcelain.

Armchairs to hair salon

2. Comfortable Armchairs

The goal of your business activity should be simple: to satisfy your customers. As client's comfort goes first, you should choose your salon equipment very carefully. First of all – fill your waiting area with comfortable couches or sofas. Secondly, select high-quality styling chairs only, so you could notice the advanced level of workmanship while using such furniture. To provide the highest possible comfort, stuck with the models with footrest and armrests.
The truth is, well matched armchair makes hairdresser's work a lot easier. The stylist should have a good access to customer's hair without hurting his back all day long. You should never save money while buying hairdresser armchairs. The more luxury, comfortable and innovative they are, the better. We highly recommend you to anlyze several on-line stores to realize how many professional models are available at the moment.

3. Styling Units

If you think that an ordinary mirror „will do”, you're terribly wrong. In every hairdresser studio mirrors' surface gets easily covered by steam. You have to invest in models with surface which is highly resistant on dampness. Such mirrors should be illuminate by both natural sunlight and flood-lighting. Another great idea is to choose elegant, fancy frames. Thanks to that mirror may become a central decorative element. Your salon should stand out with purity and original, classy aesthetics. Basic salon equipment is not enough – design, quality of furniture, and something what we call 'special vibe' are things that matter too.