Necessary hairdresser equipment

What is needed in a hairdresser's salon

Starting up with a hairdresser's salon we should predict what we will need to work and on what a customer will pay attention during a visit. The first impression is always made by the look of the salon, colors of walls, reception desk, styling chairs, mirrors, and at the end, hairdressing equipment and cosmetics brand, you are using. An important thing is also a character and a temperament of employed people which should make an atmosphere pleasant.

Hair salon equipment 

So how should we equip the salon to make it functional and attractive at the same time?

Customers pay attention to how our salon looks like, so we must take care of the interior's aesthetic. If we can not create an interesting and cozy place, it is better to ask for a decorator's help. Everything should be of the highest quality to charm customer from the threshold. List of major hairdressing equipmentis is quite long. We can find on it a good styling chairs for the customers. We should not save on it, because hairdresser's treatment can last a few hours, and the customer should feel comfortable.

hair for washes

Other hair implements

There are backwash units, styling chairs, consoles, a sofa for waiting area, sites, trolleys for small accessories and cosmetics, footrests and a clothes hanger. Next to the sofa put a table with a press to entertain waiting customers. You can not save on implements for a very simple reason - it will be used every day, even several times.

It is good to have electric equipment, for example: hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, hair clippers, drying hoods, saunas, humidifiers and climazones. One of the major equipment are obviously best quality scissors, and let's not forget about the special one's for shading. We must also have brushes for modeling in different sizes, combs and razors.

To create variety of hairstyles - rollers, curlers, clips, pins, brushes, accessories for dyeing, capes in different sizes and caps to the strands will be also needed. In addition to these, we should also pay attention to the quality of the cosmetics we use, and their price. It is good to immediately buy a greater amount of products, we need several times a day.

Let's  remember not only about shampoos and conditioners, but also about gels, varnishes, fixer, brilliantine and elastics.